What Makes Us Different?

Although meeting all of the same ‘minimum standards’ in order to be licensed in the province of Ontario, veterinary hospitals can be very different in the way in which they provide healthcare to your beloved pet. We feel it is very important for our clients to see the difference, which is why we encourage you to take a tour either before, or at, your first visit so that you can see our state of the art hospital and meet our healthcare team. It is important that you feel comfortable with your pet’s healthcare provider and know that both you and your pet are in good hands.

Compassion, comfort and safety are of utmost importance for every patient we treat and all decisions we make are based on providing this. Our caring and knowledgeable healthcare team is dedicated to providing high quality, progressive medical care for family pets, while understanding there is a pet who needs to be comforted and loved during their visit.

Some of the things we provide and focus on at Kortright Animal Hospital to ensure a long, healthy, happy life for your beloved companion:Examination

1. The most up-to-date preventive healthcare, including nutrition, behaviour, thorough physical examinations and routine wellness testing.

2. Licensed Registered Veterinary Technicians, continuing education, and regular training for the entire healthcare team.

3. Continuous monitoring of all patients during anesthesia, including heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, body temperature, oxygenation of the blood, electrocardiogram (ECG), and carbon dioxide levels by a trained veterinary anesthetic technician.


4. Multi-modal pain management including local anesthetic freezing, continual rate infusions of pain medications during and after a procedure, and extended pain management at home.

5. Warm intravenous fluids for ALL surgical procedures.

iv fluids

6. State of the art medical and surgical equipment.

7. Full-mouth radiographs for ALL dental procedures, dental blocks for extractions, and modern equipment for the procedure.


8. Cat-friendly hospital, including using Feliway cat pheromone in-hospital, having a separate cat examination room, a separate cat ward, and training for feline-friendly handling.

9. Educational handouts and resources provided during appointments and on our website.

10. Individually tailored immunization schedules, preventive diagnostic testing, medications, diets and more based on life stage, breed, lifestyle and current health.

11. Individual access to your pet’s medical information whenever you require through an online medical portal.

12. Finally, and we feel most important of all, is taking the time to provide the emotional support to you and your pet. We love our pets like you love yours, and understand the care and attention each one needs during every visit.


We hope that this helps you get an idea of the high standard of care that we aim to provide for your pet. By charging reasonable fees, hospitals are able to provide optimal patient care, hire the best and most qualified healthcare team members, afford the best equipment, continue educating team members through conferences and seminars, and offer you and your furry friend the highest quality medicine and service. We look forward to getting to serve you for years to come!


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