Sep 05 2017

Meet the Monk Fur Kids

We love it when our exotic patients visit us for their routine health checkups.  Working with rabbits, guinea pigs, potbellied pIFigs, ferrets and more is an exciting part of our day and caring for a rabbit or other exotic friend can be just as rewarding as owning a cat or a dog.  Karen Monk is very familiar with the joys of owning exotic pets and currently has three guinea pigs and one rabbit who live peacefully with her three cats.

Karen first brought her lop eared bunny Gryffin home from the Guelph Humane Society (GHS) when he was around six months of age.  Gryffin has his own house where he spends most of his time enjoying his privacy.  While he does get along with his other fur siblings, he can be a grumpy boy and would prefer to coexist with them rather than play.

Rio is Karen’s oldest guinea pig and arrived two years after Gryffin.  Rio was also adopted from GHS and is now two years old.  He is a sweet little thing who is learning to enjoy life with his new brothers, Ravi and Rizo.  Currently, the three guinea pigs share one very large cage with a divider between Rio’s half and Ravi and Rizo’s side.  Ravi and Rizo are true brothers who were adopted from GHS when they were only two months old.  They were so tiny when Karen first brought them home but settled in quite quickly and enjoy their play time with their fur siblings.  Karen has been slowly trying to show Rio that it could be fun to share his cage with the two youngsters, and besides the occasional disagreement between them, he has been very welcoming.

Each day, Gryffin, Rio, Ravi and Rizo enjoy cage free time once in the morning and once  at night where they can spend time together and run around to their hearts content.  You may think that Karen’s cats would chase Gryffin and the guinea pigs, but Quinn, Mortimer and Neven are very respectful and enjoy hanging out with their exotic family.  All of Karen’s fur kids are very well socialized and are quite happy to visit with each other and with Karen’s nice who visits them once a week.Every night Karen is able to come home from work to the energetic squeaks of her guinea pigs and adore their funny little personalities.  If you would like to see more of these lovable little exotic pets, you can follow Karen’s account: @9_fur_kids_and_counting on Instagram.

We can’t wait to see the Monk family in for their next routine health checkup and wish them all the best for the years to come!



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