Mar 26 2015

What the Heck is “HealthyMouth”?

Imagine if you didn’t brush your teeth for one entire year!
How healthy would your teeth be? How fresh would your breath be? It is no different for our furry friends. More than 85% DentalLightof dogs and cats older than four years of age have periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is a progressive inflammation of the supporting structures around the teeth. Periodontal disease starts when plaque forms. Plaque is a transparent fluid composed of mucin, sloughed gum cells and bacteria. Plaque starts forming two days after dental cleaning. If the plaque is not removed, mineral salts in the food can precipitate to form hard dental calculus. The calculus is irritating to the gingival tissue, changing the pH of the mouth and allowing bacteria to survive under the gums. By-products of these bacteria “eat away” at the tooth’s support structures, causing infection, inflammation, pain and eventually causing the tooth to be lost. Daily at-home dental care as well as regular veterinary assessment and professional dental treatments with intra-oral radiographs, are the best ways to prevent periodontal disease. Keeping your pet’s mouth healthy is the foundation for your pet’s overall health and quality of life just as it is for you.

Ok, so now you understand how important it is to keep your furry companion’s teeth healthy but where do you startHealthyMouthWaterAdditive

With working, getting the groceries, taking the kids to soccer, and getting your kids to brush their own teeth, when will you have time to start brushing your furry friend’s pearly whites? One very effective option is healthyMouthTM. Recommended by leading board certified veterinary dentists around the world, healthyMouthTM is the first and only dental water additive to receive the prestigious VOHC(R) Seal of Acceptance for plaque control in cats and dogs. The Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide a means whereby products that have been proven effective can be recognized for their value. The manufacturer must perform scientific trials based on the VOHC standard protocols ad submit their findings for review. If the VOHC and the American Veterinary Dental College are both satisfied, the product is granted the Seal of Acceptance.


vohchealthyMouthTM has been clinically proven to reduce plaque by a remarkable 71% and 76% in dogs and > 85% and 88% in cats in two independent clinical trials. By reducing plaque content in the mouth, we are thus reducing bacteria that cause damage to your pet’s teeth and gums. The healthyMouthTM formula is free of all synthetic, artificial ingredients, alcohol and contains NO calories, fat, sugar or sodium. It is a safe, effective, highly palatable concentrate formula that is added to your pet’s daily drinking water.

healthyMouthTM also comes in a spray that can be brushed with, irrigated directly onto the teeth and gums or mixed into the water, and a thicker gel in a tube that can be used as a powerful toothpaste.

For more information about how you can start a very effective preventive dental program for your pet, please call us to set up a free ‘Flip-A-Lip’ appointment with one of our healthcare team members. healthyMouth is a great and easy way to get your furry friend’s teeth and overall health on the right track!


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