Dec 11 2014

Top Five: Your Cat and Dog’s Winter Wish List!

5.     Cat or dog, if your fluffy family member is going outside they should have a collar and proper tags. This is especially true incollars winter, when staying outside for long is dangerous in the cold. If they get lost, you want to make sure people recognize they are from a loving home and provide appropriate contact information.

All this collar and ID talk doesn’t have to be so serious – why not get something fashionable for the season? Try a custom-made, durable, local collar from Niki at

4.     Ice is a fact of winter. But did you know that many common sidewalk de-icers can be hazardous to your pet? These are generally made from calcium carbonate, calcium magnesium acetate or chloride salts of potassium, magnesium, and sodium; of these calcium salts pose the most dangerous if ingested or allowed to stay on the skin. They can be toxic if eaten in large quantities, and can cause severe irritation of the paws. Urea-based ice melter tends to be less irritating.

 Pet-safe de-icer is a great winter idea for your property. Small bags often can be found at pet-stores. If you’d like to buy larger bags, call us today to order – supplies are limited!

3.    Calling all dogs – cold feet? Or maybe they just get ice-balls stuck to their luxurious foot feathers? Put a set of booties on the wish list! Whether you prefer a short boot, a fleecy texture, or a bootie with a sock extending far up the leg, there are so many options to choose from!

bootiesWe recommend going to a pet store to have your pup try on products for sizing. Muttluks are the running favourite amongst our staff’s pets, with a second durable option (if you know your pet’s paw size) online ordering from

2.   The hours of winter are long. Why not spice it up for your indoor kitty or warmth-loving dog with a food puzzle?foodpuzzle

The Kong Wobbler, Slim Cat, or Food Mazes are great ways to encourage mental and physical exercise inside! These can be found at pet stores, or we are happy to recommend specific products for your pet and order them in!


  1.    Who doesn’t enjoy a snuggly bed? Cat or dog, a plush warm bed for winter is a great idea. This is especially true for our more ‘mature’ or senior pets with mobility concerns such as arthritis – soft and warm is so much easier on the joints than a cold floor!



Happy Holidays from the Kortright Animal Hospital Team!

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