Oct 31 2014

Buried Treasures – The “Dirt” on Litter Boxes

As all owners know, cats have high standards and expect to be treated like the queen/king of the home. Their throne is no exception. Since they are creatures of habit and have exact preferences when it comes to hygiene, here are a few tips on the proper litter box for the royalty in your family.

  • Always use an open (uncovered) litter box. Since odors are confined in small areas and your cat’s sense of smell is many times stronger than ours, having a litter box that is open prevents deterrence.
  • Unscented litter is often best. Just as above, your cat’s sense of smell is much better than ours and having scented litter can deter some cats from using a box that smells overwhelming.
  • Always have one litter box extra per cat in the household. For example, if you have two cats, then provide three litter boxes. Some cats prefer to urinate in one box and defecate in another so multiple boxes allow your pet to chose his/her preference.
  • Keep the box as clean as possible. Once again, remember that cats have a stronger sense of smell then we do. Thus it is paramount that your cat’s box be kept as clean as possible.kittycomic
  • Having a choice of litter for your kitty can often determine which type he/she prefers. You may want to provide plain clay vs clumping litter or crystal vs plant based products. Providing choices for your cat and then changing to the type that they prefer will help prevent litter box aversions.
  • Always make sure that your cat can get to his/her litter box easily. Don’t forget that older kitties also suffer from diseases such as
    arthritis that can deter them from doing a lot of stair climbing. So remember, don’t hide the litter box in the basement in the back corner if your kitty has a hard time getting around. This also applies to litter boxes that are hard to climb into.

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