Feb 26 2014

Say aaah!

Ever wonder what simple, low-cost strategies exist to improve your pet’s oral health? Their breath? Prevent possible infection and pain?


Take advantage of our Dental Focus Months. For a limited time only, book your pet’s complimentary “Flip-A-Lip Appointment”.

What is a “Flip-A-Lip Appointment”, you ask?

  • A focused appointment with one of our highly knowledgeable veterinary nursesDentalLight
  •  A chance for you to physically view your pet’s gums and teeth with the aid of the nurse, including the illumination of hidden disease with our dental UV lights
  •  Interactive and informative demonstrations of various homecare tools we can use to improve our pet’s oral health
  •  An open discussion as to what options may work best for your pet given your time constraints, finances and individual preferences
  •  A FREE dental homecare kit to get you started!

If the veterinary nurse suspects that your pet’s dental disease is too advanced, and treatment is needed beyond homecare, a doctor may examine your pet’s mouth to make a recommendation. This is not something to be afraid of, as:

  1. Veterinary medicine has advanced significantly in understanding and treating dental disease in pets
  2. It is important to know when dental treatment for your pet is needed. We will help you plan for any necessary treatments and address this painful and infectious condition.

DentalPosterOnce the cause of a disease is known, we should be able to prevent it to a large degree… So why is periodontal disease still rampant among pet animals? We know the cause… we know many of the risk factors Why can’t we get ahead of this insidious malady? My guess is that “out of sight – out of mind” has a lot to do with it.” 


                                        –Dr. Fraser Hale, Board Certified Veterinary Dental Specialist


So what are you waiting for? Let us help you and your beloved furry family member, starting the discussion on dental disease that may be “out of sight” but should definitely not stay “out-of-mind”!

Call us to book your complimentary appointment today. 

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