Surgical Services

At Kortright Animal Hospital we provide many surgical services including routine ovariohysterectomy (spay) and castration (neuter), surgical options for destructive scratching in cats, many soft-tissue surgeries and orthopedic surgeries.We also have a veterinary board certified surgeon who performs more specialized surgeries at our hospital. By providing this service our patients can stay in a familiar environment under the care of our veterinary healthcare team.For all other major surgery that requires special instrumentation or intensive postoperative care, we have a veterinary referral hospital that can continue care for our patients. While they are there we keep in very close communication with the attending doctors to make sure that your beloved pet continues to get the care it needs and deserves and to help you fully understand what is happening should you have any questions.

  • ovariohysterectomy


    Ovariohysterectomy (also known as a spay) refers to the surgical procedure performed on female dogs and cats to render them infertile. There are many benefits to spaying your female companion.…

  • Neutering


    Castration (also known as neutering) refers to the surgical procedure performed on male dogs and cats to render them infertile. There are many benefits to castrating your male companion. First,…

  • anesthesia

    Soft Tissue Surgery

    Soft tissue surgery includes surgeries not associated with bone. Examples of soft tissue surgeries and their benefits are listed below. One of the most common soft tissue surgeries performed is…

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    Orthopedic Surgery

    Orthopedic surgery refers to bone surgery. There are many different situations where bone surgery may be necessary including leg fractures, hip dysplasia, disc disease, etc. Most orthopedic surgeries can be performed at our hospital. We also have a Board Certified Veterinary Surgeon who comes in to perform more specialized surgeries at our hospital