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    Top Summer Risks for your pet

    Jul 24 2017

    Heat Stroke and Dehydration Although heat stroke is not something we commonly see in veterinary medicine there are certainly cases reported. High risk breeds are brachycephalic, short nose breeds such…

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    Ticks Are Here!

    Jul 05 2017

    Ticks in Ontario Ticks have now become common parasites in many parts of Ontario. They can be found anywhere, from the dark of the deep woods to the long grass…

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    Feline Resorptive Lesions

    Mar 13 2017

    As the name implies resorptive lesions only happen in cats. It is not a cavity because those are caused by bacteria. These lesions are caused by abnormal activity by normal…

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    The Scoop on Socialization

    Jan 16 2017

    There is a lot to learn when a new puppy or kitten joins a family – for pet and humans both! The first few months of your puppy or kitten’s…

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    Naughty or Nice?

    Dec 08 2016

    Every holiday season we take the opportunity to remind pet owners of the hazards that may exist in our houses during this festive time of year. The last thing you want…

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    New Look, New Video, New Decade

    Oct 05 2016

    Next year, Kortright Animal Hospital will celebrate its 30th year providing veterinary care to the community of Guelph. As another decade approaches, we are proud to launch a new look…

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    Beware the growing tick populations

    May 18 2016

    Ticks are common ectoparasites that can be found all the way from nearby urban neighborhoods to deep in the forest. How often ticks are found on a dog and how…

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    Seeing is not always believing!

    Mar 28 2016

    Dental disease in our pets can be very deceiving. Other than bad breath, there are few signs of periodontal disease evident to pet owners. Many of our pets do not…

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    What’s in that Mouth?

    Mar 03 2016

    Did you know that your pet’s oral health gives clues about their overall health — or that problems in your pet’s mouth affect the rest of their body? We want…

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    Halloween can be Spooky for Pets

    Oct 29 2015

    Many people like to have fun during the Halloween festivities, but our pets can truly be frightened by all of the noises and costumes. Halloween is a holiday with many…